Thursday, August 18, 2011


September 30, 2011 is the first annual Symposium offer by the recently established Bowen Theory Education Center, Inc. in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The featured speaker is Dr. Daniel V. Papero, LCSW. He is a faculty member of The Bowen Center for the Study of the Family, Washington, DC. Dr. Papero is an internationally recognized leader in the effort to present Bowen Theory to clinicians, researchers and thinkers. He has promoted the application of the theory to every aspect of the human life, including business, education, and government. Dr. Papero is the author of Bowen Family Systems Theory, published in 1990.

The topic of the day is: On the Edge: Living, Working and Leading in an Anxious World. Anxiety is a fact of life. Bowen Theory provides a guide for dealing with relationships in times of high anxiety. This day will focus on understanding relationships through the lens of Bowen Theory and principles for managing oneself effectively within those relationships.

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  1. Looks like you got the posting to work YEA!!

  2. I heard the conference went well. Glad to hear it.

  3. Bowen Theory Education Center's first annual Symposium was held on September 30, 2011 with one hundred twelve persons attending.

    Dr. Daniel Papero was the speaker of the day and provided stimulating and challenging ideas for the attendees to ponder.

    It was a foundation for the next 9 months when the details of the concepts will be introduced to the students of Bowen Theory.

    The first session of the training focused on the human as an integral part of nature and the human family as a natural system. Eleven of the students, plus several BTEC Board members, took the challenge of learning to think "systems" and to become more objective about themselves and the systems they live in on a daily basis.